The Brooklyn Real Estate Summit (BRES) has been re-designed to deliver real market intelligence and provide improved structured networking and idea sharing opportunities. Featuring keynote Extell CEO, Gary Barnett, the conference also provides a residential market data presentation and word-on-the-street sessions direct from office and retail tenant rep brokers as well as office and retail tenants, themselves. Off stage, the conference hosts a series of closed-door, invite-only sessions to connect select leaders to delve into key problems areas to share information, ideas and solutions.


Check out the recap from the event and see more pictures here.

The State and Future of Brooklyn Office Panel
Audience Listening to John Sebree

Main Stage Keynote in a Rare Exclusive

Gary Barnett, CEO of Extell Development–in a special interview by Regina Myer, President of Downtown Brooklyn Partnership–will go in-depth on the anatomy of the deal that led to Brooklyn Point, soon to be Brooklyn’s tallest building.

Gary Barnett

Gary Barnett
President & Founder
Extell Development

Regina Myer

Regina Myer
Downtown Brooklyn


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Speakers & Agenda
Ryan Slack
(646) 862-9389

Registration & VIP Access
Claudia Gutwirth
(646) 862-6125

Sponsorship & Exhibiting
Amber Collins
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Agenda at a Glance

Starred (★) Sessions Have Limited *Access*


Evening Prior - April 9

5:30 – 8:00 PM

VIP Reception

Main Day - April 10

7:30 AM

Registration, Networking Breakfast & Exhibit Hall Opens

8:00 – 8:45 AM

Workshop: Brooklyn Real Estate Acquisitions & Due Diligence

8:00 – 8:45 AM

Workshop: Federal Tax Law Implications for Brooklyn Landlords & Property Owners

8:50 – 9:00 AM

Opening Remarks: Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President

9:00 – 9:30 AM

Apartment Intelligence Report: The Real Multifamily & Condo Numbers of Brooklyn

9:30 – 10:15 AM

Word On the Street: What is Happening in Brooklyn Retail

9:30 – 10:20 AM

Peer-to-Peer Roundtable: DUMBO, DoBro & BNY ★

9:30 – 10:20 AM

Peer-to-Peer Roundtable: Brooklyn Office Market ★

10:15 – 10:45 AM

Networking Break

10:30 – 11:20 AM

Peer-to-Peer Roundtable: Brooklyn Retail Market ★

10:30 – 11:20 AM

Peer-to-Peer Roundtable: Brooklyn Industrial Market ★

10:45 – 11:25 AM

Why (or Why Not) Brooklyn: The State and Future of Brooklyn Office

11:30 – 12:00 PM

Straight to the (Brooklyn) Point: Anatomy of a Deal with Gary Barnett

12:00 PM

Networking Lunch at DeKalb Market Begins

12:15 – 1:15 PM

Private Lunch: Off Market Deals ★

12:15 – 1:15 PM

Private Lunch: Navigating the Government  ★

12:15 – 1:15 PM

Private Lunch: Brooklyn Residential Market ★

12:15 – 1:30 PM

Private Lunch & Tour: Space Activation & Placemaking ★

Featured Participants

As of April 4, over 300 have already made plans to attending, including the following:

▪ Asher Abehsera, LIVWRK

▪ Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President

▪ Alex Adams, Fisher Brothers

▪ Bobby Adjmi, A&H Acquisitions

▪ Aaron Amitin, The Domain Companies

▪ Maurizio Anglani, Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti

▪ Jamie Anthony, Lonicera Partners

▪ Sarah Ashcroft, Jonathan Rose Companies

▪ Tyrone Barnes, Taconic

▪ Gary Barnett, Extell Development

▪ Andrew Barrocas, MNS

▪ Pooja Bavishi, Malai Ice Cream, MNS

▪ Ronnie Ben-Ishay, JLD Advisory

▪ Danielle Ben-Ishay, JLD Advisory

▪ Claire Bernard, Urbanspace

▪ Kenneth Bernstein, Acadia Realty Trust

▪ Cory Bertram, Starbucks

▪ Ira Bloom, Kushner Companies

▪ Jonathan Bombart, Bombart Management

▪ Garrett Brooks, Blackstone Group

▪ Kassidy Brown, We are the XX

▪ Isaac Buchler, Kushner Companies

▪ Sam Buffa, Fellow Barber

▪ Andrew Bulger, Bulger Properties

▪ Matthew Burnett, Maker’s Row

▪ Jonathan Butler, Smorgasburg

▪ Brian Cantrell, Vornado Realty Trust

▪ Michael Capozzi, Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP

▪ Daniel Carr, Ares Management

▪ Marco Casella, Onestone Capital

▪ Rick Chandler, NYC Department of Buildings

▪ Sam Charney, Charney Construction

▪ Kathe Chase, Industry City

▪ Keith Cheddie, New York University

▪ Isaac Chera, Crown Acquisitions

▪ Kunal Chothani, Akelius Residential

▪ Andrew Clemens, Ripco

▪ Ron Cohen, Besen Group

▪ Chris Conlon, Acadia Realty Trust

▪ Jared Della Valle, Alloy LLC

▪ Michael D’Onofrio, Engineered Tax Services

▪ Keri Dugan, Noon Mediterranean

▪ David Ehrenberg, Brooklyn Navy Yard

▪ Ali Esmaeilzadeh, Forest City New York

▪ Brian Ezra, Avery Hall Investments

▪ Jonathan Fair, Douglaston Development

▪ Ben Finley, Avanath

▪ Roger Fortune, Stahl Organization

▪ Jeremy Frenkel, Midtown Equities

▪ Marc Freud, Troutbrook Company

▪ Bill Gaul, BuildersUpdate

▪ Amy Glosser, BYKlyn

▪ Ari Goldstein, Extell Development

▪ Chris Havens, TerraCRG

▪ Joseph Hilton, Murray Hill Properties

▪ Carlos Horcasitas, Madison International Realty

▪ Elliot Horowitz, H Equities

▪ John Horowitz, Marcus & Millichap

▪ Paul Januszewski, Rockrose Development Corporation

▪ Chris Jaskiewicz, Gotham Organization

▪ Jeremiah Kane, Rubenstein Partners

▪ Daniel Kaplan, FXCollaborative Architects

▪ Evan Kashanian, Artimus

▪ John Katz, Sherwood Equities

▪ Michael Kaye, Douglaston Development

▪ Sean Kelly, Ariel Property Advisors

▪ Bryan Kelly, Gotham Organization

▪ Saunders Ketcham, The Feil Organization

▪ Brian Klansky, View | Dynamic Glass

▪ Sam Kooris, Alchemy Ventures

▪ Harry Kotowitz, HK Organization

▪ Nicholas Kotsonis, The Kotsonis Organization 

▪ Anne Krassner, Motivate (Citi Bike) 

▪ Sarah Krauss, Brooklyn Bridge Park 

▪ Rony Kravel, Shel Capital

▪ Nick Kubiak, Blackstone Group

▪ Eric Landau, Brooklyn Bridge Park

▪ Tom Lavin, RFR Holding

▪ Avi Lebor, Kushner Companies

▪ Joshua Levin, Office of the Brooklyn Borough President

▪ Benjamin Levine, Douglaston Development

▪ David Levine, Par Group

▪ Robert Levine, RAL Companies

▪ Morgan Liesenfelt, Macerich

▪ Robert LiMandri, NYC Department of Buildings (former)

▪ Bevin Littlehale, Hines

▪ Chris Losco, Taconic Investment Partners

▪ David Lowin, Brooklyn Bridge Park

▪ Philip Maguire, Arkhouse Partners

▪ David Manheimer, Brooklyn Standard

▪ Manuel Mansylla, TOTEM

▪ Scott Maslin, Woodglen Investments

▪ Zach McHugh, Sitex Group

▪ Anastasia Meyding, Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation

▪ Matthew Miller, Jamestown

▪ Robert Morgenstern, Morgenstern Capital

▪ Toby Moskovits, Heritage Equity Partners

▪ Lawrence Movtady, AMAC Holdings

▪ Tara Mrowka, Alloy Development

▪ Regina Myer, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

▪ Clare Newman, Brooklyn Navy Yard

▪ Jay Norris,

▪ Jakub Nowak, Marcus & Millichap

▪ D’Juan O’Donald, JPMorgan Chase

▪ Eric Ottaway, Brooklyn Brewery

▪ David Pace, Beach Haven Apartments

▪ Jeff Pace, Beach Haven Apartments

▪ Spencer Pariser, Taconic Investments

▪ Erin Patinkin, Ovenly

▪ Sam Pepper, Alloy Development

▪ Melanie Pettit, Motivate (Citi Bike)

▪ David Pfeffer, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin

▪ Justin Picone, Claremont Group

▪ Nate Pinsley, A/D/O

▪ Andrew Pittel, Wakefern Food Corporation

▪ Michael Pollack, Ballard Spahr

▪ David Quart, VHB

▪ Deirdre Quinn, Lafayette 148 New York

▪ Tucker Reed, TOTEM

▪ Jed Resnick, Douglaston Development

▪ Michael Rudin, Rudin Management

▪ Brodie Ruland, ASB Real Estate

▪ Sam Sabin, Thor Equities

▪ Jacob Sacks, Cayuga Capital

▪ Dylan Salmons, Pennrose Properties

▪ Peter Schubert, TerraCRG

▪ Clara Schuhmacher, DUMBO BID

▪ Deborah Schwartz, Brooklyn Historical Society

▪ Lars Scofield, Orangetheory Fitness

▪ Michael Seaman, Target

▪ Edward Setton, Shamah Properties

▪ Alexandria Sica, DUMBO BID

▪ Sam Sidhu, Megalith Capital

▪ Ben Silverman, Edenworks

▪ Brian Smith, Ample Hills Creamery

▪ Tyler St Pierre, Muss Development

▪ James Stein, Lincoln Property Company

▪ David Stone, Stone Family Investments

▪ Max Swerdloff, Kushner Companies

▪ Daniel Tarnopol, Wakefern Food Corporation

▪ Paul Tocci, The Constellation Group

▪ Paul Travis, Washington Square Partners

▪ Gabriel Troncoso, The Domain Companies

▪ Steven Vegh, Westwood Realty Associates

▪ Jordan Vogel, Benchmark Real Estate Group

▪ Evan Walke, Madison International Realty

▪ Dan Walsh, NYC Mayor’s Office

▪ Cory Weiss, Ingram Yuzek

▪ Tyler Wilkins, Quinlan Development

▪ John Williams, Avanath

▪ Evan Wiskup, Alloy Development

▪ Karen Zabarsky, Kushner Companies

▪ Jeffrey Znaty, Kassin Sabbagh Realty

About This Event

In Brooklyn, challenges abound. The bright and optimistic outlook over the past 7 to 8 years has given way to a sobering reality that Brooklyn has arrived and is now subject to the same laws of gravity that affect other major markets.

Brooklyn office space is proving challenging to fill, retail is undergoing a revolution locally and globally, and residential is undergoing downward price pressures. In addition, new deals are harder to find, and asking prices are too high to make deals pencil out. These are not insurmountable challenges, but they do require an updated and more practical way of thinking.

Re-introducing the Brooklyn Real Estate Summit (BRES), now in its 8th year, where owners, investors and developers come together, along with retail and office tenants as well as key government officials, for exploration, ideation, and problem-solving around key pain points with the goal of delivering actionable market information and ideas.

Organized around a framework of invite-only Solve-It Sessions, BRES upends the traditional conference format for one that ensures that the right people connect and that real market intelligence and solutions are shared.

Get Involved!

Speakers & Agenda
Ryan Slack
(646) 862-9389

Registration & VIP Access
Claudia Gutwirth
(646) 862-6125

Sponsorship & Exhibiting
Amber Collins
(646) 783-3937

Summit Sponsors

Aggressive Energy
Besen Associates

Supporting Organizations

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Brooklyn Historical Society
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10 City Point
Brooklyn, NY 11201

The 8th Brooklyn Real Estate Summit
April 10, 2018
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

We believe in the magic that happens when the smartest, boldest minds come together resulting in business growth and industry evolution. We build high-value events that foster relationships, tap into intellectual wisdom, promote authentic interaction and create success for our clients.